The Spheres of Magic

From Fortunate Blades


Magic in Fortunate Blades is very powerful, dangerous, and beyond complete understanding. It should be fantastical, mystic, and frightening. Anyone in our Story can try to use it, but it's extremely risky to do so.

Thus dealing with magic is always risky and requires a Roll to avoid any consequences.


Characters with the proper Talents can cast spells from specific Spheres with less risk, but it can never be completely eliminated. And certainly other circumstances happening to the Character while they are trying to cast a spell might increase the difficulty, such as to avoid getting hit by an attack while trying to cast their spell, or to see if they can cast it fast enough to avoid some Harm, or if they can resist the evil magic that's trying to corrupt their soul, etc.

There are Cantrip, Simple, Serious, and Heroic Spells.

  • Cantrips do one level of effect, and are a Concerning difficulty for the untrained to cast, and a Minor difficulty for the trained.
  • Simple spells do two levels of effect and are a Serious difficulty for the untrained to cast, and a Simple difficulty for the trained.
  • Serious spells do three levels of effect, and are a Heroic difficulty for the untrained to cast, and a Serious difficulty for the trained.
  • Heroic spells do four levels of effect, and can only be cast by those with training, and even for the trained they are a Heroic difficulty.

Spells can only come from a single Sphere unless a Character has a Talent that allows them to combine two or more Spheres together into a single spell.

Spheres of Magic

  • Fire - All things related to fire, heat, raising temperatures
    • Cantrip examples: Set something on fire that the caster can see that’s able to burn, affect the color and shape of an existing flame, heat up a mug full of liquid the caster is holding.
    • Simple Spell: Instantly call forth a decently-sized bonfire,
    • Serious Spell: Instantly call forth a house fire
    • Heroic Spell: Instantly call forth a massive town-sized fire
  • Ice - All things related to ice, cold, lowering temperatures
    • Cantrip:
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Life
  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Death
  • Protection
  • Creation
  • Destruction
  • Time
  • Transmutation
  • Enhancement?
  • Judgment
  • Revelation
  • Illusions
  • Movement
  • Summoning

So a Cantrip Fire spell would be to set alight something the caster can see, a Simple spell would be to call forth a bonfire-sized fire, a Serious spell would call forth a house fire, and a Heroic spell would call forth a massive town-sized fire.

Some magic users have a special Talent that lets them combine together two or more schools into a single spell. So a Cantrip combined “Fire Burst” would be a firework-like small explosion, a simple one would be a small fireball, a serious one would be a classic ‘fireball’ spell, and a heroic one would be a massive fire bomb.


Some Characters have a Talent that gives them a Familiar, a magical pet. The Player should write down what sort of creature it is, and then write down two things it has been trained to do:

  1. Stay and guard / watch
  2. Follow someone
  3. Sneak into somewhere
  4. Attack someone
  5. Fly where commanded

Familiars come in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large, and Enormous. A normal sized Character can only ride a Large or Enormous Familiar, a Character with the Tiny Talent (or similar) can ride on a Medium Familiar (or larger), and a Character with the Huge Talent (or similar) can only ride on a Familiar that's Enormous.

When attacking or performing other physical feats of strength, a Small Familiar will only do a Minor effect, a Medium Standard Effect, Large a Greater Effect, and an Enormous Familiar will do a Heroic Effect.

Players don't have to track Familiars food or water (except if they want to for fun story aspects) but a Familiar can be lost or even killed as a Consequence. If this happens, the Player can regain a new Familiar at the start of the next Quest if the GM decides it's feasible for the Character to have found another one.