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Welcome adventurer! Before you are the books of Fortunate Blades

Fortunate Blades is a storytelling adventure Table Top Role Playing Game.

It's open source, wiki-based, requires no prep, and is easy to play.

Play it to create epic adventures together. To build together the world the story is set in. To explore your characters and their place in that world, and to find out what peril it's all in. And then to save that world, or at least the characters' place in it.

It's also a collaborative creative project, where players are encouraged to share parts the stories they created together here on the Wiki.

Below are the free books you’ll need to play:

Bathor the Fortunate’s Book of Basics

The basic book of rules of how to play Fortunate Blades. Start here if you're just learning what this is all about!

Horm’s Chronicles of Common Backgrounds and Trades

The book of common Backgrounds and Trades to create uncommon characters.

Neelah’s Opus on Wonderous Items

The book of stuff. What's an adventurer without gear and a magical item of some kind?

The Spheres of Magic

The book of magic, let's discover it's mysteries together as we play.

The Weary Game Master's Almanac

The book all about how to run Fortunate Blades, yet have just as much fun as the players.

Adventure Lore

Fortunate Blades players are encouraged to share the awesome stories they created together by playing the game.

Herein are the Contributed Places, Contributed Forces, Contributed Enemies, Contributed Characters, and Contributed Art people have generously shared from their own games. Add your own as well to help inspire GMs and terrify Players!

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