Fortunate Blades

From Fortunate Blades

Fortunate Blades is a storytelling adventure tabletop RPG.

It’s goals are:

  • To run the sorts of games me and my players love, which are:
    • story-forward
    • wildly creative
    • full of adventure
  • and have:
    • customizable characters
    • big dramatic encounters
    • online-friendly, easy, and fast-moving rules
  • and to:
    • be really, really fun, and capture that ‘chaotic random joy’ of a great Old-School RPG.
    • share the creation of the story and the setting between all players.
    • not require prep from the GM and players, and whatever prep they do voluntarily only helps.

It's largely based on PBtA, Blades in the Dark, and various OSR games.

Start here if you're just learning what this is all about!