From Fortunate Blades

Fortunate Blades is an open source Living Table Top Role Playing Game and a collaborative creative project that is captured in this Wiki.

It’s goals are:

  • To run the sorts of games me and my players love; which are story-forward, wildly creative fantasy games with customizable characters, big dramatic fights, online-friendly rules, and fast-moving so a lot can happen every play session.
  • To be really, really fun, and capture that ‘chaotic random joy’ of a great Old-School RPG.
  • To share the creation of the story and the setting between all players.
  • To not require prep from the GM and players, and whatever prep they do voluntarily only helps.
  • It's based on PBtA, Blades in the Dark, and OSR games.
  • To have a place for players to share online the awesome things they have created at their tables.