Contributed Forces

From Fortunate Blades

This is the list of various Forces that have been created through play that Players have contributed.

We hope y'all are inspired by them when creating Forces for your own games (or feel free to just add them outright!).

If you've got the time and inclination, share your own ones here as well!

  1. The Aboili - An impossibly ancient race of magical octopus that are stewards and academics of world-threatening magical artifacts.
  2. The Kingdom of Ferrets - Formerly normal ferrets made intelligent by misplaced magic who have formed their own (tiny) kingdom.
  3. The Shimuni - Aquatic elves living symbiotically with huge iridescent extra-planer worms deep under the ocean.
  4. NukLuks - A vast tribal of intelligent otters living cities made of mud on the backs of enormous bio-mechanical crabs that roam the swampy marshes